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First Flush

A Boutique Tea & Coffee shop with a unique gift and accessories kiosk.
Discover the unique taste of First and Second Flush tea, hand picked from Darjeeling along with cuisines of continental delight. Take your pick from the choicest range of Brazilian, Irish , Colombian and Turkish coffee among much more.


Happy DealsNon-veg Sandwich of the day with French fries and one portion of Darjeeling Tea or Cappuccino at Rs. 160/-

Reunite with your college buddies and spend nostalgic moments.

First Flush

To talk about tea is to talk about a history of two thousand years. However, to start with tea stories, you must go back four thousand years and the legend of Shen Nung. It is said that one day he was relaxing with a cup of warm water in his garden. However, a breeze brought leaves from the nearby bush and it fell into his cup. The water turned to a hue of golden yellow. Imagining it as a divine miracle, Shen Nung ordered it to be considered a holy drink.


"I've been a customer of First Flush many years now. I simply love the quality and flavour of the food they serve. At this price I can't ask for a better service and food."

- Amit Prasad

"The foods are of great taste and usual. Only thing to spot out about the menu, as there are no new items for quiet a long time. There are ample options to add specially in the seafood sections. Thank you."

- Biswajit Saha

"Order efficiently handled, prompt delivery, and good food. Looking forward to the same level of service the next time..."

- Devipriya Ghosh

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