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We have started our journey. Now it is time to keep the feet online. First Flush: A Boutique Tea & Coffee Shop has the finest and purest First Flush, Second Flush tea and Autumn Flush. We collect dried tea leaves from age old tea gardens of the colonial period like Giddapahar and Singbuli.

Now it is time to get the flavour of the hills at your door. Order online. Order us.

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Tea is an emotion, an attitude in India. For the largest tea-drinking nation in the world, the milky, sugary, ‘chai’ tea blends are the most popular.

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Green tea is withered, rolled, and immediately dried. It is not oxidised. It resembles the original plucked leaf – a small springtime leaf bud that contains abundant nutrients and oils sent up from the roots after a period of winter dormancy. The leaves are fixed quickly under high heat to destroy enzymes and prevent oxidation. Alternatively, it is done by steaming or pan-firing. This preserves the aromas and volatile oils in the leaves.

  • Giddapahar First Flush

    The curled uncut dry tea leaves of the Giddapahar tea estate from the colonial period will give the drink a delicate pale yellow colour and a soothing aroma.

    • Pure Grade
    • Amazing Vanilla Aroma
    • Strong Flavor
    • Best Quality
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