Singbuli Muscatel Premium


Introducing our finest tea offering, the Singbuli Muscatel Premium tea. Grown in the lush and pristine hills of Darjeeling, this tea is plucked during the first flush, giving it a unique and refreshing taste. Its rich, golden color and floral aroma are a testament to its high-quality. The tea leaves are carefully handpicked and expertly processed to bring out its distinct muscatel flavor that lingers on the palate. This premium tea is perfect for tea connoisseurs who appreciate the delicate balance of taste, aroma, and texture. Experience the essence of Darjeeling with Singbuli Muscatel Premium tea.


The curled uncut dry tea leaves of the  Singbuli Muscatel Premium from the colonial period will give the drink a delicate pale yellow colour and a soothing aroma.

  • Pure Grade
  • Amazing Vanilla Aroma
  • Strong Flavor
  • Best Quality


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